Saturday, January 12, 2008

black velvet updated

Here are many generations of kids wearing the famous black velvet dress and suit that have been handed down from mother to daughters to cousins to friends and back again. Mom first wore the dress in the 1930s. The pictures below are:
  • Me in 1962 or 3 at Halcyon Farm in Lakeville, MA -- with Mom looking very glamorous, playing the piano
  • Hannah with Nick, also playing the piano, taken at Halcyon Farm in New York -- 1997 or 8
  • Keowee and Micah MacNiel, Texas, 2002
  • Livvy Holloway, 2006
  • Harry and Maddy this @ Christmas, 2007
  • Isabelle, Christmas 2013


If you have photos of your kids (or you) wearing these outfits, send them along and I'll post them here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

what's a skunknet?

Our street has an unusual and not-so-pretty name. Hard to pronounce, hard to explain to the pizza delivery man. ("SkunkNECK?") Click on the image below to get the whole story on the history of the mighty Skunknet River, written by Dana Hornig and published in the latest issue of the Barnstable Land Trust newsletter.