Sunday, September 21, 2008

cousin dave

A remembrance of Cousin Dave Kendall was published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel on September 12th. Jon Kendall wrote to Mom and said that Dave's ashes were spread on Monterey Bay near one of his favorite fishing spots.

He and I had a special, funny relationship since the days when he dubbed me the "bald-headed baby."

Very sad to lose my much-loved cousin. Be at peace.

Monday, September 08, 2008

gunn memorial library

I've been corresponding with a man in Washington, CT who owns a house next door to Grandma Abbot's old house on Old North Road. (To see his comments on an earlier post, click here.) He has been researching the history of his house, and in doing so found that the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum in Washington has a framed calling card belonging to Grandma Ab and Grandma Loomis. He sent me the image you see at the right.

Also,about 10 years ago I donated some of Grandpa Loo's watercolors of Washington to the Gunn Library, along with photos of Connecticut doorways taken by Grandma Loo. I can't remember if I made copies of the watercolors for everyone? If not, you can see the images here.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

dottie a

I remember Grandma Loo telling us that she was one of the first women in her crowd to own a motor car. Here's evidence that she ruled the road. Does anyone else have more information on Grandma and her car?

more chester paintings

Blogging brings with it some interesting emails and contact with random people who have an interest in some of the subjects I've written about. I've been contacted by 3 people this year asking for information about Chester Loomis and his paintings. They all own work by him or represent someone who is trying to sell his work. They sent me images, which I share here with you. The first image is, clearly, pretty spectacular -- very large, with great handling of the light. If you read SDL's memoirs again, at the end I included letters that she wrote from Cartaret, describing the scenery -- just as pictured here.

Cartaret, France, 1884

Pilgrims Going to Church, Lithograph

Allery, France, 1887