Saturday, July 12, 2008

the elusive fish

In my earlier post on Sara's visit I mentioned that we saw a fish swimming at Long Beach that we couldn't identify. Well, I think I've finally solved the mystery. It turns out to be a sea robin (as some of you suggested), though I'm not sure which variety/species. It turns out there are about a bazillion types of sea robin, all looking a little different. Ours had a decidedly cat-fish sort of face, and ruffly wings when swimming. So, Oh Ye of Little Faith -- it turns out that we are not crazy, hallucinatory, or otherwise deranged. Not in this case, anyway.

Seems the only pictures available online were of the fish on the end of a hook. But ours was swimming placidly in the sparkly, shallow waters at Long Beach, trying to nibble our toes.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

17 years

When Sara was here visiting we were having the every-17-year visit of the cicadas on Cape Cod. Interestingly, they may be plaguing every yard on one block and not make an appearance in yards the next street over. We escaped the plague at our end of the street. When Sara and I were driving to the beach on her last day here we had the windows open and the sound was amazing. Like aliens from another planet. Click here to hear the noise.

So we now have lots of cicada husks and cicada carcasses lying around in the streets. As you can see from the picture above, some clever girls in Sandwich are making some cool jewelry with the leftovers. Guess what you're all getting for Christmas?

Here's a photo gallery of how the bugs emerge, and in case this all leaves you feeling hungry, here's some yummy treats you can cook up if cicadas come visiting in your area. Bon appetit!