Saturday, April 24, 2010

inspired by bronte part 3

This is the third installment in my "Inspired by Bronte" series of photo collages, created as part of Bronte-Along -- this time inspired by Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. I read the book years ago, and just finished re-watching the BBC version with the very fine and very smoldery Tom Hardy as Heathcliff. I want to go walking on the moors...

There's a link to all my Bronte-inspired posts here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

light & abstract

This is the last assignment in the C&C Photography workshop, and this week I've been playing with light and abstract composition. I LOVED this assignment because I got to play with my favorite lens, the 50mm f1.8. The results that I get with this lens are always magical and I almost have to force myself to shoot with a different lens once in awhile. So, here is my exploration of light and abstraction.

First, get ready for a close-up (or three!).

Next, a little abstraction.

How about a different angle?

Here's a reflection -- of me!

Let's look up -- a landscape....or rather, a skyscape -- so many gulls!
(Click the photo to count them all)

Finally, here is some golden deliciousness that to me defines spring
and gives a hint of summer yet to come.

Summing it all up: I really appreciated the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and capture things from new angles. Having an assignment gave me discipline and focus, and being able to work on one aspect of photography each week really helped me to absorb the skill. The hardest assignment for me was the still life -- I was unhappy with the results until I simplified my vision and (literally) found the light.

Many many thanks to Camilla and Carolyn for leading this great workshop, and getting us to stretch our wings and fly! I can't wait for the next one (there IS going to be a next one, right?) and would be happy to help if you need it.

PS: I took the photos in my previous post as part of this assignment, but I couldn't part with any of them, so I posted them all! Consider them a bonus parting gift. :)

PPS: I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow and I won't have access to a computer, so I will comment on your blogs when I get back next weekend. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your amazing work (and a peek into your lives) with us -- it's been a truly wonderful experience.

the essence of spring

I started taking photographs of this blossoming tree, and I couldn't stop. I can't decide which photo I like best, and so...I'm posting them all. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

tell me a color story

This week's C&C Photography assignment is to tell a color story. My color is green and my story is spring/cleaning. I used bits of red as green's complement. In my photos I've juxtaposed the first sprouts of spring with a day of spring cleaning, including tidying, dusting, garage clearing, a trip to the dump, and car washing. The person shown feeding the gulls is my father - it's a photo of a framed photo of him from the 1960s -- I gave him a good dusting while I was at it!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

inspired by bronte part 2

Here are some more images inspired by reading and watching the Bronte sisters, as part of the adventure that is Bronte-Along. These are photo collages I created using some of my own photos and also photos and textures gleaned from creative commons. This time they're inspired by Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. The lonely house, the sheep in the mist on the moors....I really liked the imagery.

There's a link to all my Bronte-inspired posts here.

Friday, April 02, 2010

still life : composition and perspective

It's C & C Photography's 2nd photography assignment, and the focus this week is composition and perspective. So I gathered together some beach stones, seaweed, shells, a bowl from Ron Dean pottery, a witch ball, and a little sequined ball. I arranged them on a painted nightstand, with the afternoon light coming in the window. I used 3 different lenses to achieve these effects. I did my photo editing using Picnik.

Straight on

Bird's eye view

Up close and personal

Off center



I'm throwing in a few bonus shots, just because I couldn't leave these behind on the cutting room floor.

Sequins abstracted

Witch light


I took two other series of shots using different objects -- the first set (beach finds) was too busy (too many items) and the light and setting were wrong. The second set (toys outdoors) was cute but not really still life material-- more like a series of portraits.

I have to say I love the results of this assignment. The light was perfect, and the different textures and tones really helped. I like that because of the textures and light, the monochrome shot is interesting as well. Thanks to Camilla and Carolyn for another great learning experience.