Monday, August 22, 2011

i spy hearts : 53 project week 29

Green animals.
Hazy and hot.
Cliff Walking.
I spy hearts.
And arrows pointing skyward.
And clouds swirling overhead.
Love is life.

I spotted 8 hearts. Not every photo has a heart in it ... I don't think?  How many hearts did you see?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

favorite number project

Do you have a favorite number?  I recently heard about the favorite number project by Alex Bellos, and was intrigued.  I never had a favorite number until I hit my 40s and then it made itself known to me in a big way.  Followers of by 365 project may have read my previous post on my favorite number:

44.  This number follows me around like a faithful dog.  It appears on signs, clocks & snippets of paper, in phone numbers & books, on license plates, written in the clouds, overheard on the radio.  Sometimes I see it dozens of times in one day; sometimes I go for weeks without seeing it and then it pops up like a longed-for hug or a cool hand on a hot forehead.  It always seems to bring with it a sense of reassurance and peace.

Share your favorite number in the comments, and then head on over and share it on the favorite number project page. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

last light : 53 project week 28

I've been playing with my new wide-angle lens -- a departure for me, since I'm usually focused up close on the details rather than the bigger picture.  Here are a few images I took a few nights ago, chasing the last light of the day.

This week's Focus 52 prompt is water.
Have you linked up?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

under grey skies : 53 project week 27

Low grey skies and the threat of rain.  A summer Sunday, and Long Beach was practically empty.  I found surprising colors, wonderful shapes, and beautiful textures hiding just off the path along the river and in among the dune grasses.  Take a look:

Monday, August 01, 2011

up the river with a paddle : 53 project week 26

I went kayaking with my friend Dan on the Mashpee River this weekend -- a picture-perfect day with blue skies and big fluffy clouds.  We saw an amazing array of shore birds hunting, feeding, nesting, swimming, soaring, and just generally hanging out at the river's edge.

Osprey hunting for lunch


This cormorant didn't move as we paddled past -- just posed ever-so-gracefully

Cardinal flower

Osprey parents...

...guarding their nest


Trying to gracefully maneuver out of the weeds

Wind in the cattails

Heron liftoff


Laughing gull, welcoming us back to dry land.