Saturday, February 25, 2006

new home

This is the new home of the former homesickcure website. I'll be adding some of the contents of the site to this blog, and eventually the old site will fade off into the distance.

I'm sorting through papers and photographs at last, and will be sharing all kinds of fun stuff with you. I'll include goodies you've sent along, along with new research findings and a few moldy bits found at the bottom of boxes.

I thought you might enjoy seeing three view of the dunes of Nantucket, spanning over 120 years. The first picture shows Grandpa -- Charles Dana Loomis -- looking out to sea in 1887. The second image is the painting "Nantucket Dunes," by his father, Chester Loomis, presumably done on the same trip. The third shows the dunes as they look today. If you come and visit us, we'll take the ferry over to the island and experience the dunes firsthand.


  1. Lucy, I tried the link for this post and it did not work... (april 9)

  2. Now, Lucy, that picture of you on the cruise around the harbor was gorgeous!!! You have such a beautiful profile....Bibi would have loved to do silhouettes of you!!! Loved the site.