Thursday, August 16, 2007

at the beach

Here are Hannah, me, Livvy, and Claire on Craigville Beach. Fransje and the girls spent a day with us, walking talking, sharing lunch, and having ice cream at (where else?) Four Seas. Does anyone else notice that Hannah is going to be taller than me any day now?

We've had fun company this summer (see Kyria's blog for her notes on visiting the Boston area). Taking some time off as the summer winds down. Day trips, school shopping, relaxing. Hannah's camp is over, Nick aced summer school and is finishing up work Labor Day weekend. I'm trying to get in a few more days of swimming, a few more visits with friends, a kayak trip around Barnstable Harbor, a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut at the Barnstable Comedy Club, and a dinner or two on the town.

--Much love.

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