Saturday, July 12, 2008

the elusive fish

In my earlier post on Sara's visit I mentioned that we saw a fish swimming at Long Beach that we couldn't identify. Well, I think I've finally solved the mystery. It turns out to be a sea robin (as some of you suggested), though I'm not sure which variety/species. It turns out there are about a bazillion types of sea robin, all looking a little different. Ours had a decidedly cat-fish sort of face, and ruffly wings when swimming. So, Oh Ye of Little Faith -- it turns out that we are not crazy, hallucinatory, or otherwise deranged. Not in this case, anyway.

Seems the only pictures available online were of the fish on the end of a hook. But ours was swimming placidly in the sparkly, shallow waters at Long Beach, trying to nibble our toes.

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