Saturday, September 19, 2009

chauncey loomis article

Author and cousin Chauncey Chester Loomis died back in March 2009, and here is a nice article on him from the September issue of Arctic, a publication of the Arctic Institute of North America. I never met Chauncey, but got a nice note from him when I compiled SDL's memoirs and letters.

Chauncey, along with his brothers John and Stanley (also an author), were the children of Chauncey Loomis. Chauncey and his sister Sally Loomis Wilson (mother of Peggy and Alison), were the children of John Loomis and Abby Dana. John's brother Chester and Abby's sister Sara were our great-grandparents -- two brothers married two sisters. Complicated, no?

I've had a copy of his book on my bookshelf for too many years to count. I think it's time to read it in his honor.

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