Friday, January 01, 2010


The New Year's Day Plunge at Millway Beach, Barnstable Harbor.


  1. Great stuff! I dont know if I could do that! Although Yellow Creek used to be pretty darn cold in the spring!

  2. Bless you Lucy, you've got gumption!

    We arrived 6 minutes after everyone was out of the water a year ago further down on 6A where very funny, always witty, Tom Nelson, the slightly insane Pastor of Cape Cod Covenant Church, led a crowd quickly in and back out of the water.

    I wanted to get there on time this year, but my wife's convinced it would kill me.

    I told her I should live so long as to drop dead.

  3. This is fabulous. I loved the pair at the beginning and the pair at the end. They looked so calm and cool about the whole thing.