Monday, March 15, 2010

bronte along!

My favorite book of all time, ever, and for the rest of time is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. And I've finally found a group of like-minded ladies who plan to celebrate the wonders of Jane and Mr. Rochester through blogging and creating and reading and watching the movie and just embodying the Jane Eyre mystique. I've read the book probably 15 times, and have seen 4 or 5 versions of the movie (the best being the most recent Masterpiece Theatre version from 2006.)

Melissa Averinos of Yummy Goods in West Barnstable and her friend Beth Dunn, along with a group of ardent Jane Eyre and Bronte fans, are starting a new online group called Bronte Along. It looks like a lot of fun, without any of the pressure of a regular book group. Dreaming, movie watching, creativity, and swooning are encouraged. I plan to take some photographs that evoke the Jane Eyre vibe -- not sure how I'm going to manifest that here on Cape Cod, but that's the challenge, right? So join in, read along, get out the hankies, and dream of going back to Thornfield Hall.

Updated post:

3.17.2010 See my Jane Eyre-inspired photo collages here.

3.18.2010 See a view of my bedside table here.

4.4.2010 See my Tenant of Wildfell Hall-inspired photo collages here.

4.24.2010 See my Wuthering Heights-inspired photo collages here.


  1. ahhh! This is so much fun! I think it would be awesome to arrange a viewing at the library! Maybe in mid-April?