Thursday, June 10, 2010

back in the saddle again

I have had a bad case of bike envy lately. Everywhere I go, people are riding their bikes, soaking up the sun, traveling places. New bikes, used bikes, fancy bikes, humble bikes -- I love them all. I want them all.

I have 2 bicycles in my garage, one too small and one too busted up to ride. They sit there, teasing me with their useless presence. It's been agony, I tell you.

I've been a long-time bike lover. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 26, and I relied on bike travel (and the kindness of friends) to get around. I fondly remember my bikes of the past:
  • a little two-wheeler that I rode with the training wheels still on for way too long
  • a blue no-speed Stingray bike with a banana seat and cool handlebars
  • a red 5-speed Schwinn with a wicker basket in front
  • a 10-speed Italian racing bike (who was I kidding?)
  • a silver 10- speed that I bought from a guy on the streets of New York City for $10
  • a red 18-speed Schwinn that followed behind my children as they learned to ride bikes of their own
  • a blue mountain bike that ended up wrecked and thrown in the woods by my (then) preteen son and his cohorts.

And then I went cold turkey. I turned to walking as my exercise and relaxation. And that's been wonderful. But now I want to move. I want to put some miles behind me. I want to FLY down the road.

So I did it -- I went out and bought myself a new bike. And yesterday I rode ten miles, and it felt great! Oh, of course, it would probably be a good idea if I got a helmet. These Cape Cod roads are a little treacherous.

And by the end of the summer, I won't have to do the walk of shame up the really steep hills. I will pedal all the way.

So I am now the happy owner of a new bike. Nothing fancy. Pretty inexpensive. Serious bicyclists would probably scoff. But it's mine, all mine. And I'm ready to FLY.


  1. That's a nice bike :)
    And that saddle.... no pain in the butt!!!
    FLY and FEEL FREE!

  2. love your new bike and the pictures! Go out and get that helmet!

  3. Love these shots of the bike. I think I need to pull mine out of the shed, clean it up, get it fixed up, too. It has been with me since 1993 to Japan and back.

    Get out there and FLY!!!

  4. I just crossed the 2,000 mile mark on my beloved bike. Welcome to the sisterhood of the biking babes.

  5. You are a biking babe. I like that.

  6. Oh Lucy, LOVE LOVE LOVE your post today :)

  7. That is such a great feeling. Getting something you love. Wishing you all the best as you fly thru the streets.

  8. Good for you! Ten miles on your first day back riding is fantastic!

  9. I got my bike back out too. You can sure make art out of anything, my sister...really nice pics

  10. I hope you enjoy your new bike! I have something for you on my blog - please ocme by and check it out!

    xo Erin

  11. I'm a walker too, but this post makes me want to bike. I remember winning a 10-speed from a local radio station back when I was in jr. high, I loved that bike back then!