Monday, August 09, 2010

industrial design

The views along the Cape Cod Canal are pretty much tailor-made to photograph -- lots of sparkling water, ships, seabirds, and sky.  But some of the elements that aren't traditionally beautiful -- the electric power plant, the heavy concrete supports of the bridges -- have their own particular beauty that I love.

For more canal shots in all seasons, check out my Canal set on flickr.


  1. There is something about those wires and electrical towers that I find so beautiful too. Despite the fact that I feel like they look so un natural sitting there amidst nature...I still find them artfully beautiful...especially silouetted against the blue sky. I love the shadows too.


  2. I love the elegance and beauty you've captured among this industrial setting. The sky makes them extra beautiful. BTW, I just found your blog and love your work. I follow Mortal Muses but don't think I've ever come over here. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more.

  3. lucy, thanks so much for choosing my shot for your mortal muses post today!

    i love how you found beauty in these untraditional places along the canal.

  4. It's nice to take the road less traveled sometimes. I believe it usually ends up being more gratifying.