Sunday, January 16, 2011

the 53 project : week 4

My 365 project, which wrapped up in December, was focused mainly on words and signs.  I've been having a little withdrawal from that project, so I decided to look around me at work this week and see if I could find some words that inspire or amuse.  Here's what I found.

 Men reading books.  We like them.

 Chocolate.  We like that too.

 A little self help.

 What keeps it all together.

 Historic lifesaving.

 Modern lifesaving for that woman of a certain age.

 And a little extra advice never hurt.

 That's me.

 Find your roots.

 Slugs and princesses -- we have it all.

The end.

What words sum up your week?  Share some with us in the comments.


  1. Great capture ~ really LOVE the candy shot!!!
    My inspiration .... NATURE!

  2. Oh love this post! Beautiful pictures and men who read, yummy :)

  3. I need the middle aged babe book.

  4. So lovely to visit your blog again and find this great post. Lovely.

  5. Love this series!....I find the self help shelf hysterical! Love the stapler shot!

  6. I love the photographs and their captions. My word for the week, smile!


  7. Lucy - loved this post!

    So much food for thought!

    thank you!

  8. words for the week... snow, ice, separation, road-trip

  9. love these word pictures... I always wanted to be a librarian but never quite made it. (English major instead!) I must've overlooked your announcement about mortal muses... will miss your posts over there. Geneil

  10. These are all awesome but that first one really, really grabbed me.
    Not sure if it was the wicked dof, or y'know, Orlando. LOL!
    kidding (kinda). Love the dof you got on that one. Looks like a really cool advertisement.

  11. I just know I would love working at your library. (heehee, could you imagine us working together?) This is a great series, full of color and light and so interesting.
    And yes, I love those posters too. :)

  12. Love the reading posters at the beginning - like them too :) Stopping by from the focus 52 link up.

  13. Lovely pics!

    Speaking of reading and pictures, I took this one last night:

  14. A very nice photoset. I like books a lot and read a lot - and the man on the first photo looks very nice;).

  15. I love these shots! I think the stapler is my favorite. :) And I'm a book lover too!

  16. Beautiful shots - I love a library! And that first one of Orlando with a book - ahhhh...

  17. I'm sorry.

    I'm sure your page is loaded with some phenomenal shots. Sadly, I am stuck on Orlando Bloom and could not go any further. LOL

    Beautiful work. I like the old collection of books the best. But don't tell Orlando that.