Saturday, May 21, 2011

washington ct - 53 project week 20

Oh look -- I now have 53 followers of my blog & 53 project!  For those of you who are new here, I just turned 53, and this year instead of a 365 project I decided to do a 52-week project but give it an extra twist for my 53rd year.  And so, here we are, 20 weeks in and 53 followers later.  Good karma.

I'm still catching up from my trip to Washington, Connecticut, where my great-grandmother Isabel Esther McCormick Abbot lived in the nineteen teens and twenties.  You can see some of my posts about her, her family, and my grandmother here.

Washington is a little town still mostly untouched by industry and overbuilding -- it sits placidly on the top of a mountain in western Connecticut.  My great-grandmother, grandparents, and father all have markers in the cemetery there.  Dad's marker, unfortunately, is discolored and in need of some TLC, so I didn't get a shot of it.  The sun came out as I drove up the mountain, and big puffy clouds danced across the sky.  My grandfather, an architect, designed the headstones.

And a heart-shaped cloud floated by just as I was turning to leave.


  1. yay for the heart shaped cloud! and it made me happy that you took a picture of a library :)


  2. Thank you...I had never seen gramma loo's grave and what a beautiful picture of it...


  3. What a lovely collection...and the gravestones are so beautiful with the apple blossoms. Thank you Lucy!

  4. I love the headstones, they're beautiful!

    You must have awesome karma happening, first 53 followers, 53 this year AND a heart shaped cloud... this is not mere coincidence, I don't believe that anything in life is coincidence we just have to find the deeper meaning sometimes.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Fantastic images - so very beautiful.

  6. Isabella Esther....what a lovely name! What a beautiful place...I especially love that library!

    My word verification is "caring":)

  7. The heart caught my eye! Lovely images...I liked reading the gravestones.

  8. Beautiful shots!
    Cemeterys fascinate me. So much history, so many stories...
    Cool catch of the cloud!

  9. what a neat glimpse of the town! I am facinated by old tombstones, I think you captured them well. and of course, having a tie to those stones definitely makes your captures even more special.

  10. beautiful shots, love that cloud!!

  11. I love that book saying. Perfect. xo