Thursday, January 05, 2012

new year at the farm : 53 project week 47

Spent new year's weekend
in farm country, upstate New York.
Such a beautiful place
wonderful family
good food
sweet love.
Hello 2012.

I spy a heart....


  1. Look at those wide open spaces! Love the all clotheslines:) And love that American Girl doll backpack:)
    Happy New Years!

  2. That photo of the farm from above is great!

  3. Ohhh love the space in these photos...just beautiful. And the root cool!

  4. Beautiful. Great way to spend the new year. Love the doll in the backpack. :)

  5. Loving these wide angle shots!
    As usual, I can't pick a favorite, but I'm loving the hazy light ones. So gorgeous.

    Here's to 2012, my friend! :)

  6. Love all the trees! Fav is the one up at the sky with trees around. Oh, and the last one! Great shot!

  7. Looks like such a beautiful place. Wonderful images..Love the light in all them.

  8. Spectacular captures! I love the clothesline! :)

  9. Hi Lucy! I'm new to Focus 52 so I'm makign my rounds and getting acquainted with everyone.

    I love your landscape photographs! I've been daydreaming about landscape photos with beautiful clouds in the horizon. Thanks for the added inspiration :)