Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hands and hearts

 Images from an inspiring afternoon
at Hancock Shaker Village
where I was moved by the
elegant simplicity,
straight lines and subtle curves,
the pale light through the rippled glass,
the quiet beauty of the everyday.


  1. That looks fun! I love the photo of you looking out the door/window through/to the other doors!

  2. you've certainly captured the beauty in function along with the quiet simplicity of hancock.

  3. It's been way too many years (30?) since I went to Hancock village...I think it is time to return! These are amazing moments of the favorite is that of Dan and the chick:)

  4. Oh Lucy, your images are beyond beautiful. You always have such a great eye at capturing the simple beauty in the every day. And these photos are no exception. What an inspiring place.