Saturday, June 09, 2012

learning curve

My daughter Hannah graduates today,
and my mind is full of images of her
as she's made her way to this moment.

 Learning to stand

Learning to love

Learning to compute

First day of preschool

Learning about history

Graduation from preschool

Learning to play

Learning to dig

First day of kindergarten

Learning to act

Learning about the sea

Flower girl

First day of first grade

Learning to climb mountains

First day of second grade

Now we skip a few years, since I didn't have a camera....

Learning at MIT

Learning about lifetime friendships

Learning to shine

Learning about best friends

Learning about travel

Learning about boys

Learning about relationships

Learning about herself

And how beautiful she is.

Happy graduation, my love.


  1. Big congrats to your gorgeous girl! xxx

  2. beautiful... Hannah's joy of life shines through

  3. I get the sense that the years have gone by as quickly for you as they have for us viewing these wonderful photos of her life unfolding:) Congratulations to your beautiful daughter...and to you:)

  4. what a beautiful post and such a nice tribute to your daughter. Congratulations!

  5. Beautiful girl, beautiful mom, beautiful post. Congratulations.

  6. What a beautiful post. All of it. I love all of the photos, but especially the last two. Who is that woman? She is beautiful!