Wednesday, December 19, 2007

kissing cousins

A favorite picture of me and Cousin Peter Browne, circa 1968.

Loved to kiss those California cousins!

Bonus point: Why is there a trash can in the middle of the table?

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  1. Skipper of the NantooDecember 22, 2007 at 12:59 AM

    If this is the ":Required Field" I shall do my best to fill it. Now , that picture (I am dredging up a half century of memories here,folks) was take (I recognize the wall) at Summit Ranch, Purissima Creek, Halof Moon Bay, Ca--back in the good old days when I thought I was a cowboy. I recognie the red/cerise ("House of Today," Palo ALto) place matts. (Ma had some as a present to dress up her New England table.) Pete looks very sporting--began kissing all the girls about this same time. (NO, I think he had been married a couple of years to desr Terry Lee Ellis--and they soon after had their first born, DAVID, (it thus became Liebo3 to grace their license plate) I might note, Lucy,( that when you and he were last seen together at Halcyon West for cousin Fransje'Leonard's 2000 wedding to the catch of the season, young Johnny Holloway.) so you two were still up to smoooching and Pete was assuring you that he "never kissed and told" when referring to long ago romances at Halcyon East. Now SAD SAD News --as on last Sunday , Dec. 1, dearest Petey (my love name) left us--altho dont kid
    yourselves--he is right with us every day--just ask around or those hundreds who attended th funeral on Dec, 8 at Petes and Terrys Center for the Performing Arts. Did you all hear that it started with the University of Californa (Yup--the Big UC!!!)Marching Band graced the stage, was MC ed by best buddies from STANFOrd and mourned by his wonderful new group of students , now Professor Pete ,in loving memory at San Francisco State --and then Matt and Sarah , Petes two greatly gifted children who sang so sadly in memory. A simple memo will help to guide us--when Terry was looking thru his wallet for instructions on Petes living will, of course, it as usual was misplaced. However Terry persisted and in the back found a card of instructions for Petes body "Why Not take ALL of Me!!" A typical beautiful testimony to his humility. Fortunately, His darling second granddaughter, Lexie, has as her present favorite the good Jazz standby and Gramma Mimi (Terry)aided as Lexie "tickled the keys"!! "All of Me" which she played to tears from all in the theatre. "Enuf said" sez Vergie Cahtah--for those who dont know Vergie please ask Pete's favorite Uncle John W. Leonard, proprietor of Halcyon Farms Bread and Breakfast"!!!!!!!!!

    love and kisses from a sad Mama Nancy Leonard