Sunday, December 16, 2007

love poem at christmas

Uncle Jack Loomis and Aunt Eleanor Brown were partners for over 50 years. They met in 1918, during World War I in France, where she was a telephone operator in the Signal Corps and he was stationed in Tours. Throughout their photo albums is evidence of the deep love they had for each other, their families, and their animals. Aunt Eleanor was the subject of most of the pictures, as Uncle Jack trained his lens on her with loving regularity. There are pictures of hikes through the Palisades, visits to Central Park, stays with friends, visits to the Washington Zoo, international travel, silliness with dogs and birds. They had no children, but their photo albums are populated with photos of their niece and nephews and their children -- us!

In 1936 Aunt Eleanor took a trip to Seattle for a month at Christmastime. Uncle Jack sent her the card pictured above with the following poem:

Gee, I miss you, Funny Person,
When the house is still and quiet
And the clock's eternal ticking
Rends the silence like a riot.
And I miss you in the morning,
In the evening, all the time.
So return with flying footsteps,
Answering my humble rhyme

At this season of the year, when we're sometimes not sure what we're celebrating, I wish you the kind of love that this poem celebrates – rich, deep, and profound. ~~xxxooo


  1. What a sweet poem and lovely tribute to the love between those two. I know what you mean about not knowing quite what it is we're celebrating. This time of year is difficult for a lot of people. I hope it's a good time for you.