Sunday, March 08, 2009

behold the mighty skunknet stream

In a previous post I wrote about the origin of our street name: Skunknet. We live in the rabbit's warren of houses that is typical in this neighborhood, with most houses built back to back. The thing that attracted me to this house is that we have woods behind us rather than neighbors, and if you sit on the deck you can pretend you're secluded, if you ignore the road noise from Route 28, which is on the other side of the woods.

So the woods are a nice buffer, but not so great for walking. The mighty Skunknet stream flows along in a dark copper-colored line, barely moving its way to the Skunknet River, which I guess widens somewhere on the other side of Route 28. The woods are filled with brambles and blow-downs, which makes walking precarious except along the edge of the stream. In places it resembles a sort of swamp -- you can imagine strange creatures heaving themselves up out of the muck.

Here are some photos I took today that make it look less prehistoric and more idyllic. There are just a few remnants of last week's snow left, and lots of bright green moss.

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  1. Nice. Funny. I waited for so many years to have my piece of the wilderness and we really do have a great place up here on 'Walton's Mt.' We have woos around us and, just like yours, there is a sometimes water that can surge down the mountain to a pond and it creates lots of blow [or fall]downs. So I have my woods, but between the tricky walking and the summer-time ticks I don't tromp around there very much. Love looking at it tho'.