Wednesday, March 25, 2009

looking for signs

If I walk in a big circle around my neighborhood, it's about 5 miles and a good morning excursion. It's still pretty brisk on Cape Cod, with a chilly wind off the ocean, and the few signs of spring haven't softened the landscape all that much. So here are some other signs I found along the way, with a few scenic views thrown in. As you will see, people in my neighborhood scored in the bottom third percentile on the standardized test for spelling.

For my brother Tom

Beware! I'm a big mean dog!

Really. Don't enter.

SWF seeks...



  1. I love your eye for things and colors. I'm especially fond of the rusty bolts. Keep 'em coming Lucy!!!

  2. I liked the rusty bolts too, but the signs are great. It makes me want to go and see what kinds of odd and interesting signs are in my neighborhood.

    I look forward to your photos. Sara is so right. Good eye.