Saturday, May 16, 2009

jeffery pays a visit

Jeffery Wilson took a break from his work for FEMA in Iowa and came East to spend a few days with Mom. Nick, Hannah, and I drove to Pembroke to join them for a visit this afternoon -- lots of eating, talking, canoeing, and enjoying the beautiful day on the shores of Little Sandy Bottom Pond. We hadn't seen Jeffery since we all got together at the farm for Thanksgiving 3 years ago, so Nick and Hannah had forgotten how awesome and funny their Uncle Jeffery is. They all helped Mom put a new mattress-topper thing on her bed and make it up with clean sheets, and Uncle Jeffery taught them how to make hospital corners. Does it reflect on my mothering skills that I never taught my children how to make a decent hospital corner? Well, thanks to their cool Uncle, now they know. Their education is complete! Thanks Jeffery! We love you!

The men show off their chests

I think Grandma was telling a whopper of a fish story

Grandma took this one, but cut off a few heads

Then she got it!

Still life with canoe, foot, and flower--
Hannah's artistic shot

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