Thursday, June 11, 2009


Something got to our baby birds. Went out this morning and the nest was empty.

I read that blue jay nestlings are preyed upon by squirrels, cats, snakes, crows, other jays, raccoons, opossums, and birds of prey, such as hawks. We have all of the above in our yard and the woods behind us. If I find out my own cats have anything to do with it there's going to be some serious trouble around here.

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  1. I loved seeing the newborns, they & the poem gave me a little hope after the loss of my friend Lucinda so it was sad to see them gone. I just re-read Talk Before Sleep in which Ruth (age 40 something) is dying of breast cancer. Her friend goes with her to the cemetery and sees a marker for a 6 week old and thinks "maybe Ruth is old after all." So the measure of a life is not in its length right? Some bright souls are with us for a very short time in presence but remain in our hearts forever.