Sunday, August 02, 2009

there's a fungus among us

With all the rain and muggy weather this spring and summer, it's gearing up to be a banner year for mushrooms and assorted fungi (or is it funguses?). The last year I remember it being so mushroom-crazy is about 10 years ago, when Nick and Hannah were little and we lived in Middleboro. I remember walking in the woods behind our house with the kids and Grandma, and counting dozens of different varieties in all colors, shapes, sizes, some of them Imagine the glee of two kids describing what each one looked like, and their funny Grandma egging them on all the way.

This year we have an explosion of Indian Pipe, or Ghost Plant around our house. We're in a very shady spot surrounded by woods, and the white plants are emerging from the leaf bed. This morning I counted over 60 little clusters of pipes in just a small area, with more ready to emerge any day.

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