Friday, August 07, 2009

tree eats garage

As recently as this morning, a beautiful juniper tree was growing behind the garage.

Did I say beautiful? Well, lets say it wore a deceptive facade of greenery, but the entire interior was brown and dead. But it was definitely still growing. In fact, it seemed to be trying to slowly consume the garage altogether. Could the rest of the house be far behind?

Today was a perfect clear blue Cape Cod day -- one of the first non-muggy days we've had in weeks. Perfect for taking down trees. Brud came by with his chainsaw and ended up taking down and chopping up four overgrown trees and shrubs in all. A mighty day's work, and much appreciated.

First, to roust Hannah out of bed -- here she is (recently turned brunette) with her dad

One final look at the beast

The murder weapon

The first cut is the deepest

Artful oil can


Flying sawdust


The remains of the neighboring shrub (it has joined the juniper in the big forest in the sky)

Now I can fix the garage window that's been broken for 5 years!

Anyone need some juniper firewood? Free to the first taker. Don't all rush over at once!

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  1. It's so painful when trees have to come down. But, despite the guilt, it is sometimes necessary. Glad you had volunteer labor.