Friday, April 16, 2010

light & abstract

This is the last assignment in the C&C Photography workshop, and this week I've been playing with light and abstract composition. I LOVED this assignment because I got to play with my favorite lens, the 50mm f1.8. The results that I get with this lens are always magical and I almost have to force myself to shoot with a different lens once in awhile. So, here is my exploration of light and abstraction.

First, get ready for a close-up (or three!).

Next, a little abstraction.

How about a different angle?

Here's a reflection -- of me!

Let's look up -- a landscape....or rather, a skyscape -- so many gulls!
(Click the photo to count them all)

Finally, here is some golden deliciousness that to me defines spring
and gives a hint of summer yet to come.

Summing it all up: I really appreciated the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and capture things from new angles. Having an assignment gave me discipline and focus, and being able to work on one aspect of photography each week really helped me to absorb the skill. The hardest assignment for me was the still life -- I was unhappy with the results until I simplified my vision and (literally) found the light.

Many many thanks to Camilla and Carolyn for leading this great workshop, and getting us to stretch our wings and fly! I can't wait for the next one (there IS going to be a next one, right?) and would be happy to help if you need it.

PS: I took the photos in my previous post as part of this assignment, but I couldn't part with any of them, so I posted them all! Consider them a bonus parting gift. :)

PPS: I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow and I won't have access to a computer, so I will comment on your blogs when I get back next weekend. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your amazing work (and a peek into your lives) with us -- it's been a truly wonderful experience.


  1. I really love your photos. The first and the second one are amazing. And the last one, wow.

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos and I wil be visiting you blog and if there is a new workshop I will be in too.

    Have a nice vacation.

  2. Wonderful photos, almost magical. The one with the seagulls has got the feel of a vintage camera. Great work.

  3. The first two pictures are gorgeous!!!
    And how I love blossoms :)
    It's now snowing blossoms in our street.

    Have a lovely vacation!

  4. Magical Photos
    Really can not be excluded than one, they are all different and beautiful
    Enjoy your holiday:)

  5. Hello Lucy,
    I hope you have/had a great vacation.

    I really do like your photography.

    Your first photo is brilliant, I really love that photo.

    I will be in on any other courses that CandC do also, great teachers.

  6. You do such beautiful and thoughtful really have an eye.
    Your compostions are just beautiful love your abstract...and sky, swwooooon.
    It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your work a little more.
    Glad you enjoyed the experience...Thank you for sharing all your lovely images and comments.
    Have a wonderful spring and all the best

  7. That second photo is stunning!! So subtle and soft. The color and light are just perfect. Sigh.

  8. These are SO beautiful!!! I am in awe and stunned. And a little embarrassed to post mine.

  9. I am so in love with all those photos, gorgeous!

  10. my goodness they are all gorgeous! the first one i love and all of the abstract ones. i like your processing and beautiful use of textures.

    have a great vacation!

  11. The first two in particular are treasures. :-)


  12. They are all so beautiful! You captured the assignment wonderfully!! Happy spring!

  13. they are all truly soooo very beautiful....

    wonderful... so nice to follow along with you!

    have a wonderful vacation!

  14. I agree, changing lens once in a while opens up a whole new world. Yours has been captured beautifully. The first three knock my socks off!

  15. the comps are delightful.
    the bokeh and the softness in the 2nd are fabulous.
    great shots and have a great time away.
    beautiful ending to this fun photo workshop.
    so glad to have met you,Lucy!

  16. These are ALL amazing! The waterdrops in the first photo, and the dreamy sort of quality of the second photo! The daffodils are beautiful from every angle, the brown stalks are gorgeous, your textures amazing! Love the blurry out-of-focus You, and the last photo of the forsythia with the two-toned blue... divine! Spring has ARRIVED!
    Will keep checking your blog to see what other beauty you capture!

  17. Have fun on vacation. I hope you take lots of great pictures with all of the things we learned in our workshop! That first picture is absolutely AMAZING! How it turns from crisp and clear upfront to blurred with those water droplets! Just beautiful!


  18. I like the first one best! It is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your photos and blog with me. It has been a pleasure meeting you.

  19. these take my breath away.
    simply and completely.
    i smile, i swoon.
    i want that lens :)
    the first two especially.
    i want to live in that world.

  20. Magical, indeed. That is some lens, I can see why you favor it. These are all beautiful, I couldn't possibly pick a fave. The closeups are incredible and I like your textured ones, too. I'll be back often because your photos are exquisite.

  21. Lucy, I just wanted to stay and stay looking at your beautiful images. Each one is so distinct and memorable. Fab bokeh. Beautiful colors and that's some pretty kitty. All the images look so well together. Thank you for your lovely work-- it is a pleasure!

  22. Beautiful! I like the brownish-reddish grasses! You are so talented!

  23. the first picture in under "a different angle" really blew me away. gorgeous pics - all of them!

  24. Such a lovely collection of images. I see you're a cat person too:-)

  25. I agree with Patricia, your two first photos are gorgeous. The birds in the sky is also a favourite. I tried to take photos of birds in the sky here, but finally gave it up. Yours is beautiful!

  26. Your photography skills are blazing!! Very inspiring, and now the 50 mm f1.8 is at the top of my 'wants' list!

  27. every shot is more stunning than the last. this series blows my mind. perfectly gorgeous!