Monday, September 27, 2010

family homestead

I so love old and historic buildings -- for me just to spend an hour or so wandering around in an old house is to get lost in time and imagination, and is the perfect refuge from the busy world.

It's doubly enjoyable when the old house has family connections.  This weekend I had the opportunity to take photographs at the Benjamin Nye Homestead in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Who knew, when I visited the homestead as a child  that one day I would live just a few miles away here on Cape Cod, and would be a member of the Nye Family Association Board?  I'm descended from Benjamin Nye -- my great-great grandmother Mary Purrington Nye was Benjamin Nye's great-great-great granddaughter.  That's a mouthful, right?  You can see a picture of Mary Purrington Nye and read more about her and her parents here.

Here are a few images of the homestead and grounds.

Nye cup plates in the window, of course

A chamber pot under every bed

An essential undergarment

School supplies

A reflection in a wavy mirror


And a great piece of a larger sampler.  I like her attitude.

A bonnet at the ready, in case of an outing

And a roaring fire in the bake oven

The house, circa 1680s

 The mill, built later

And the marshes, turning gold just as fall arrives

You can see all my Nye House photos in a slideshow here, or by visiting my flickr page.

And of course, there's more information on the Nye homestead on the Nye Family of America's website.


  1. Great photo collection! I love the wavy mirror image. Thanks for sharing a bit of your history.

  2. I agree, these photos are great, and the mirror photo is nearly perfect, as are the two with the headboards. I love antiques.

  3. Intriguing and the section of of embroidery you show is really wonderful. I need to learn more about my family history.

  4. lucy, so many cool photos! thanks.
    i am curious, and excited. you have shown the wonderful bedspreads that i've been wishing i could find. can anyone tell me what they're called or where i could find such a thing for sale? i want one badly!
    yay for the nye family association. they keep me connected to my heritage!

  5. These are beautiful photos Lucy! I can close my eyes and smell everything.