Saturday, September 11, 2010

the hurricane that wasn't

Last week's hurricane scare had people on Cape Cod scurrying to fill their pantries with food, stock up on batteries, and buy bottled water. They stopped by the library to load up on books and videos.

This seagull didn't seem too concerned as he waited for the storm.

Neither did this little shore bird.  The beach was covered with these guys, fighting over little microscopic gourmet treats along the tideline.

Then the storm fizzled, we got a lot of rain, and the next day dawned bright and sunny.

At Coastguard Beach on the outer Cape, the wind was brisk.

The waves were higher than usual for here on Cape Cod.  The sign at the beach entrance said "wading only."  No one paid much attention.

The life guards were on high alert.

One young boy got pummeled by the rough sea.  The paramedics were called, and after some medical attention it seemed he was OK.

The surfers were the only ones who didn't seem to be able to catch a decent wave.

And thus endeth Hurricane Earl, leaving us none the worse for wear.


  1. Beautiful photos. I really like them. Can't wait to come down. What are you doing for dinner on the night of the 24th?

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! What a great documentation of the hurricane that wasn't.

  3. Awesome photos!!! Brave ones in the water!

  4. I love your wave/people pictures!!!

  5. what fantastic photographs you have on your blog, I have spent a very enjoyable time looking at them all

  6. I love the one of the shore bird! The clarity of the bird along with the fuzzy background --- you have achieved a great DoF in this one! I am glad you escaped the hurricane.

  7. Beautiful images. Thank goodness the storm missed you guys.

  8. I came across from your 'were I live post' what a great blog you have, so interesting and wonderful photographs, I really enjoyed it.