Sunday, August 21, 2011

favorite number project

Do you have a favorite number?  I recently heard about the favorite number project by Alex Bellos, and was intrigued.  I never had a favorite number until I hit my 40s and then it made itself known to me in a big way.  Followers of by 365 project may have read my previous post on my favorite number:

44.  This number follows me around like a faithful dog.  It appears on signs, clocks & snippets of paper, in phone numbers & books, on license plates, written in the clouds, overheard on the radio.  Sometimes I see it dozens of times in one day; sometimes I go for weeks without seeing it and then it pops up like a longed-for hug or a cool hand on a hot forehead.  It always seems to bring with it a sense of reassurance and peace.

Share your favorite number in the comments, and then head on over and share it on the favorite number project page. 


  1. 3 in all kinds of forms! 3 follows me and I am so happy it does!

  2. Funny, 44 is one of my favorite numbers! If I need to pick a number between 1-10 though, I always go with 8. :)

  3. 2, 8, or 28. And there is no reason.

  4. My favorite number is 10. It's because I was born on 7/3/1955 at 8:20. 7+3=10 1+9=10 5+5=10 8+2=10

    5 is my favorite single digit though :)

  5. My favorite number is 5. Probably because I was born in 1955.