Monday, August 22, 2011

i spy hearts : 53 project week 29

Green animals.
Hazy and hot.
Cliff Walking.
I spy hearts.
And arrows pointing skyward.
And clouds swirling overhead.
Love is life.

I spotted 8 hearts. Not every photo has a heart in it ... I don't think?  How many hearts did you see?


  1. If you went to Green Animals Garden on Sunday you may have noticed a large rowdy group of adults and children that I was part of! That would have been quite a coinicidence!!

    Love your photos and love last weeks wide angle photos too...I always find inspiration here!

  2. I love those pictures! Did you go and visit the Rockefellers? My favorite is the 6th from the bottom with the curvature of the white pillars.

  3. Love these shots, especially the sense/sky shots! I saw most of the heart, but not 8.