Wednesday, October 26, 2011

midweek miscellany

Just some miscellaneous images
and some fences
taken on a lunchtime walk
down Rendezvous Lane.
Isn't that the best street name?
So full of possibilities.

This is one of my favorite village dogs.  Her name is Lucy, too.

Hearts.  They're all around.

Happy Halloween...

In the rose garden birdbath at St. Mary's.

Remnants of architectural details on the carriage house at the Daniel Davis House.

Some departed visitors -- forcefully relocated, I think.


Last of the October roses.


  1. i love the grassy hearts!!! love all the shots, well except the hand in the mailbox. he he

  2. I just love how you see the beauty in all that surrounds you! Such a gift! AND a gift to all of us who get to peek at your beautiful pics too!

  3. What a lovely walk you had. I am always amazed at the beauty you find in the simplest of things. I'm a bit parital to fences and peeling paint, but that mail box made me laugh out loud. Love it.

  4. A wonderful walk! Just love that photo of the heartfull weeds...and the architectural details...and well all of them! Would love to photo walk with you one day:)