Monday, October 31, 2011

sandy neck shrooms : 53 project week 39

Walking in the dunes on Sandy Neck
after the nor'easter
and found these mushrooms & fungi
emerging from the rainsoaked sand
braving the cold winds.


This last one is called an Earthstar, 
or Astraeus hygrometricus
and, like us, has a heart at its center.


  1. I have never seen mushrooms growing in the sand...but then maybe I never looked! These are fabulous photos showing the beauty of these fungi!

  2. Is the heart at the center just by chance in this specimen or is it a characteristic of the species?

  3. the heart is just by chance ... but i've been seeing hearts everywhere lately, so it was interesting that i'd find the one out of hundreds that had a heart...

  4. I like it! I did not know that shrooms grew on the beach! I am used to them being in the forest. I especially like the last one and the double shroom!