Sunday, November 27, 2011

blinded by the light : 53 project week 43

I need to step outside my comfort zone
and take pictures of something other than
sea and sky and sand and shells and seagulls and sunsets.
But I'm surrounded on all sides,
and blinded by the beauty and the light.

Light in my eyes.

Day-after-Thanksgiving revelers playing in the light.

 Scallop light.

This woman had just thrown a piece of driftwood into the ocean,
and stood for a long while watching it head towards the light.

Foam light.

Crossing against the light.

Green light.

Bird light.

Low light.

Window light.

Night light.


  1. You're lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. I don't think I'd ever stop documenting it either :)
    LOVE the one of the woman, and the texture you applied.

  2. I am constantly in awe of the place you live but more so how you document it - I love each of these! that first one should be printed on a canvas about 5 feet wide. wow

  3. You live in such a wonderful place and you photograph it so beautifully. Love all of them. They are definitely to frame...

  4. These are all amazing! BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Please don't ever stop taking photos of sea and sky and sand and seagulls and shells and sunsets. Please.

  6. Those are great. I love the one with the foam light and the cloud reflections (low light).

  7. I understand the difficulty in turning away. These are so pretty.

  8. Wasn't the day after Thanksgiving such a perfect day for walking and taking pictures at the beach? So unseasonably warm...and that light! You have a wonderful eye for seeing the perfect moments...The sea and that light are your muses indeed.

  9. These are gorgeous, Lucy!! I especially like the first one, where you have light beaming from your eyes. I love how you look at the world.

  10. Hi Lucy,
    I missed this collection, as I was away from my computer on holiday. This is a gem of a collection ! Hard to pick favs, but the first, green light, and night light stand out to me. All striking!
    Happy week to you:)