Sunday, December 04, 2011

words and windows : 53 project week 44

A few of my favorite things:
and week 44.
A convergence of connections.


  1. Lucy, I love this series. They are wonderful. Where'd you find the house? I love your light photo this morning, too. AHHHH winter light is so interesting, I wish I were more creative at the moment.
    Love ya

  2. these shots are amazing lucy! love the pushed in door that says "privacy please"--so interesting.

  3. Were these all taken in one abandoned house? What sweet graffiti! No rude words, just hearts and love:) Excellent series! I love all the broken windows:)

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I always feel that I can come here and find something unique! Definitely an artist's view of the world. My favs are the first and fourth capture. A wonderful collection - thanks!

  5. Those broken windows are scary and cool. Where did you find this place?

  6. Wow wow all of these shots!