Sunday, February 08, 2009

fur and feathers

The ice is finally melting a bit, and it got up into the 40s today. I went outside to take some pictures, with our cat Willow tagging along. Anyone who has visited knows that Willow is the human leg-polisher -- he rubs against people's legs at every opportunity. He followed me around the yard underfoot, so I stopped taking pictures of tree branches and tried to capture him, instead. The picture of the top of his head is representative of most of my attempts. After he tired of that, I gave up altogether and headed to the beach, where the seagulls were more cooperative.

News from the homefront: Hannah's involved in rehearsals for The Hobbit. It looks like Nick may be working at a new restaurant in Mashpee called Wicked Fire-Kissed Pizza -- he goes in for a tour and second interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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