Sunday, February 01, 2009

winter hike

I went on a hike today in West Barnstable with friends Marcella Curry and Gordon Starr (their respective spouses were otherwise occupied.) We had been given the task by the Barnstable Land Trust to try to find navigable trails connecting pieces of conservation land and the newly acquired Bayview Farm property. Having Gordon along was a godsend because he knows this land by heart and led us on a merry adventure through the woods and over the marshes. We got close to bushwacking (no machete -- but Gordon brought his clippers! Obviously he was a Boy Scout.) In addition to lots of wildlife, we saw the remnants of old buildings and stone walls around what were once farm fields and are now dense woods. Also saw animal tracks, fur and feathers, hunting camps on the marshes, and vintage vehicles left behind on the sides of the trails. A beautiful day with the ice beginning to melt, and a few signs of spring.

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