Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here are the photos that have been in the Pentax camera that I mentioned in my previous post. They've been there for about 4 years -- since the year that everyone traveled east for Thanksgiving at the farm, and Nick brought friend Josh along. The photo taken at the dinner table looks a bit like The Hippie Family Robinson -- a scary bunch! Nick, Josh, and Hannah all have much shorter hair now. I love the one of Sara and Grant at Sandy Neck beach. It was such a grey day and the colors were so dull that I played a little bit with black and white editing. So, we travel back to 2004....

Grant plays with GPS

Sandy Neck looking west (above) and east (below)

Grant and Sara

Who ARE these people and why are they sitting at my table?
Grandma Susie suspects Matt of cheating at cards

Aunt Junie, hoping for a quiet moment to herself
Nicholas van Beethoven

Miss Hannah

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