Sunday, March 06, 2011

the 53 project : week 11

Wind.  Rain.  Sun.  Bitter cold.  Above freezing.  Mid-forties.  Partly cloudy.  Gale force winds.  Bright blue skies.  Scattered snow flurries.

It's March on Olde Cape Cod.

 It makes me think of the old SNL riff by John Belushi....

Well, another winter is almost over and March true to form has come in like a lion, and hopefully will go out like a lamb. At least that's how March works here in the United States.

But did you know that March behaves differently in other countries? In Norway, for example, March comes in like a polar bear and goes out like a walrus. Or, take the case of Honduras where March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a salt marsh harvest mouse.

Let's compare this to the Maldive Islands where March comes in like a wildebeest and goes out like an ant. A tiny, little ant about this big. 

Unlike the Malay Peninsula where March comes in like a worm-eating fernbird and goes out like a worm-eating fernbird. In fact, their whole year is like a worm-eating fernbird. 

Or consider the Republic of South Africa where March comes in like a lion and goes out like a different lion. Like one has a mane, and one doesn't have a mane. Or in certain parts of South America where March swims in like a sea otter, and then it slithers out like a giant anaconda. There you can buy land real cheap, you know? 

And there's a country where March hops in like a kangaroo, and stays a kangaroo for a while, and then it becomes a slightly smaller kangaroo. Then, then, then for a couple of days it's sort of a cross between a, a frilled lizard and a common house cat....

And so it goes.  Happy March!


  1. or as they say in Marlboro, Mudseason is upon us.
    Lucy, they just get more and more beautiful.

  2. I loooove the texture in the photos...

  3. I love your photos, especially the light house, the 5th photo I'm guessing is a light house. It's so simple yet says so much.

    I hope the words ring true, in like a lion out like a lamb. Our winter came in like a monstrous lion, freezing cold temps., tons of snow and poor driving conditions. On my front lawn is about 2-3' of snow still. I say ENOUGH winter, let the spring begin!

    Have a fantastic Sunday!

  4. gorgeous simplocity. I love the colors, the feelings, that crow is awesome!

  5. great shots! i am loving the blue skies.

  6. I love the photograph of the white building and window against the blue sky, very impressive.


  7. Thanks for the SNL flashback - I could picture him saying it and it cracked me up. I miss the old SNL. Beautiful photos - love the reflection and your processing is wonderful! Makes me tempted to give it a try...

  8. that. is. hilarious.
    Belushi rocked.
    gorgeous colection of photos, I love your bird on a wire shots. I saw some birds lined up like that today and thought of you. I can never capture it just that way.
    great processing also, love that scratchy texture

  9. Lucy, this is a beautiful collection of photos! It is hard to pick a favorite among so many gems, but I am drawn to the brilliant white (lighthouse?) structure and window against the rich blue sky.

  10. I absolutely love this post and all the images that goes with it! Wonderfully done!

  11. Never thought how March comes and goes over the world! Very interesting. Love all your images. Was drawn to the one posted on Focus52 and had to see more!

  12. These are all so great & they make me want to be there i each one of them!

  13. LOL! Old SNL rocks :)
    Gorgeous, gorgeous shots Lucy. As always!
    Loving that scratch texture!

  14. Beautiful collection of photos. Nice variety :)