Saturday, March 19, 2011

just because

Because it's almost my birthday...
And because it's almost spring...

And because you have all been so sweet and wonderful to read this blog every week...
And because the world is round, the wind is high, and the sky is blue...

I'd like to give you a little something back for all you've given to me.
Leave a comment here anytime through March 30th (the big day) at 12 midnight, 
and you might be the recipient of one of these lovely gifts:

 A copy of Looking In : Robert Frank's Americans, "widely celebrated 
as the most important photography book since World War II."

 The sweetest little photo album east of the Mississippi.

A collection of 4 notecards by yours truly.

I will draw three winning names, and post the names here on March 31st.  
Please make sure your name links back to your email address, 
so that I'll have a way to contact you.

If you leave a comment AND become (or already are) a follower, 
you'll get your name entered twice for the drawing.  Whee!  Now it's getting exciting!

To become a follower, click on that little button over on the right-hand sidebar, 
(the one that says FOLLOW), follow the instructions,
and let us all see your nice face. 

Winners will be chosen completely at random, 
using the scribble-names-on-little-scraps-of-paper-and-pull-them-out-of-a-sweaty-old-hat method.

I am truly grateful to all of you for following along on this photo adventure.
And for those of you who also followed my 365 project last year, you deserve a medal.  
You have helped me grow as an artist, and it's been 
a pleasure to get to know all my fellow photographers and bloggers...
I've so enjoyed seeing your work and artistry. 
Thank you from the bottom of my overflowing heart.


  1. Happy birthday, Lucy!

    I love following your always add such depth and emotion to simple scenes. Sometimes I even finding myself exclaiming out loud when your photos come up on the screen!

    (Also, it's great to connect with another librarian. :) )

    Thank you for inspiring me.

    - Sarah (ser [dot] librarian [at] gmail [dot] com)

  2. I hope your birthday is a very special day -- enjoy!

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! You are always inspiring and I love seeing your photo essays each week!

  4. Happy early birthday. I discovered you on both PW and's sites. I love your photography!!

  5. Happy Almost Birthday and Almost Spring to you!!

  6. I love giveaways and those related to photography and beautiful images are the best. Happy almost birthday!

  7. So exciting :) Such a wonderful giveaway and happy almost birthday!

  8. the crocus picture pulls at my heartstrings!

  9. i love you, just because! yay for birthday countdowns! 10 more sleeps

  10. Wishing you a wonderful and very Happy Birthday!!!! It is always a pleasure to view your work. You enrich my life and vision!

  11. LOVE your pics....and March is great month for birthday....another thing we have common..mine is also almost here (two days before yours)

  12. Oh Lucy, these are wonderful! Happy almost Birthday!

  13. Lovely crocuses. We have many snowdrops getting covered with snow today. Thanks for the possible gifts. Fun!

  14. Lucy, I have spent yet another pleasurable hour being inspired by your art. Many thanks for sharing with all of us!!

  15. Beautiful photo and how sweet of you to give gifts on your birthday!
    Since I'm not sure if my email is linked, here it is: barbarashallue (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  16. I love the first photograph, an excellent abstract.


  17. happy almost Birthday!
    I so enjoy your photography, I love your costal scenes the most.
    I hope you have a wonderful day full of memories you'll never forget.

  18. Lucy, I love the moon shots. I tried hard, but oh, sometime I'll show you what I got. I think this is the year for us Aries.

  19. I love that crocus shot!! It is perfect for spring!

  20. Oh no! Which day is your birthday? Did I miss it?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, talented woman!!!
    If it's already passed, I hope it was perfect.
    If it's still to be, I hope it's a day that's as fantastic as you are.

  21. Your photography makes me sigh, it's so yummy. Happy pre-birthday, musey friend. x

  22. Love seeing who you are through your photography......

  23. Your images are inspiring, Lucy, and a great way to start and end the day for me. Don't know how you do it all but I'm glad you do! Thx, Susan

  24. Happy birthday, Lucy. As I have told you before I love your photographs and am glad I can follow your artistic journey online at least.