Thursday, March 31, 2011

giveaway winners

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and birthday wishes, both here and on facebook and flickr.  You really know how to make a girl feel loved!

I pulled the names out of my one and only hat for the just because giveaway, and here are the lucky recipients:

The Robert Frank book goes to: Michel of Wishful Thinking

The photo album goes to:  Pam of Sidewalk Shoes

The notecards go to:  Leaf on a Tree of Close Your Eyes and Jump

Congratulations, ladies, and thanks so much for following along on my photo adventures! 

I will try and contact you tonight, but if you want to send me an email with your mailing address before then, that will help set things in motion.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  xo


  1. Yay! I'll send you an email! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!