Tuesday, December 08, 2009

artistic inspiration

My cousin Pam is one of the dedicated followers of this blog, and also a regular commenter (thanks Pam!) When I was 12 years old she came to spend the summer with us and work in my parent's restaurant, and I developed an instant girl-crush on my funny, pretty, quirky older cousin. I wanted to BE her -- she was so cool, she even looked good in the brown waitress outfit she had to wear to work. And when she caught me smoking upstairs in our 100+ year old house, she managed to convince me it was a stupid idea without making me feel stupid. How did she do that? A gift, I think. She also wrote with these really fantastic Lindy pens that I can't seem to find anymore, but that's another story.

So it was really amazing when Pam said that one of my photos inspired her to paint -- Pam is a talented artist and illustrator. She had gotten her inspiration from a photo I took of the sky over Barnstable Harbor -- one of the first photos I took when I bought my first camera last winter. I get inspiration in so many surprising ways, and I'm glad I could inspire someone else! Here are the photo and resulting painting. As Pam would say -- yay!

Click the image for a larger view


  1. love both photo and painting, you both should keep collaborating!

  2. OK... now I'm blushing. WHAT a summer that was!!! Were you and I the only 2 who didn't appreciate the outhouse stint when the water ran out or was it just me? Thanks for the write up. I didn't really think of age differences [still don't]. I just appreciate anyone who gets my humor and doesn't run screaming from the room. OK... you keep up the good work and I'll try too. By the way, I still have a HUGE array of colored pens and love using them.