Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This photo from my series of starling shots made the top 50 in the November Boston Globe RAW amateur photo contest -- the theme was silhouettes.

To see the complete top 50, click here. To see the final top 10 winners, click here. And congratulations to the winners! There were some amazing photos submitted.


  1. Really cool. I saw the others and you're right there with good company. YAY you!!!

  2. Interesting shot.
    It reminds me of camera obscura, or pinhole photography...sort of like a shot Emily Dickinson would have made, had she a Nikon.

    I looked at all the others.
    Never in my life had I ever realized that the silhouette is such a potent metaphor for the spiritual...or the past...or whatever it was, for they were immense and immanent by their lack of matter and detail.

    I'm wandering...great shot!